The Future Greenhouse 2007

The Future Greenhouse 2007



Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Little bit of Me!

Every store has displays showing Spring is here. When I make the first bowl of fruit salad, you know Spring has come to my house...fresh strawberries, pinapple, bananas Yum!

We have four pygmy goats and they have been sun bathing and romping in their pasture. Their greatest delight on earth is to hear the rattle of wax paper being opened and a handful of crackers coming over the fence for a little treat. I am sure the shoots of new grass are pretty tasty, too.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Button, Button, Whose got the Button?

As a child, sometimes on rainy days when my mother was sewing, she would let me play in her button box. It was fun to look for unusual buttons such as the little tiny buttons off of baby clothes or buttons with rhinestones from fancy dresses. I would make up games such as trying to see how many of the same kind of button I could find. Her button box was a big tin with a lid that clamped down tight and was hard to open. You could bury your hands in the buttons and come up with big fistfuls of them. Whenever a piece of clothing was headed to the rag bag, Mom would wring the buttons off and throw them in the tin. One of the things that I really wanted when she died was her button box. There is absolutely no value in it except for the button memories; one from my graduation dress, a maternity dress, my daughter's baby dress and once in a while when I dig really deep down, I will find something like one of my daughter's old diaper pins. I don't think a lot of modern women still have a surplus of buttons but you never know when you might need one, right?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Monday, Monday Oh it just couldn't be!

The car is packed with all the items that I gathered for my flea market booth and priced this week so I am ready for my trip into town on Wednesday. I can spend the day running errands on the way to my daughter's house. She has two small children, Gracie (3 years) and Tristan (10 months) and I drive two hours to her house on Wednesday p.m. to be Tristan's Nanny on Thursday and Friday while Grace is at pre-school. That boy keeps "Granny the Nanny" hopping!

On Friday evenings on the way home, I have been picking up one grandchild to spend the weekend with us. This weekend was our 13 year old, Brooke's turn to visit. She is more time consuming than the 10 month old. All of them love to go riding around with PopPop and this weekend they fed carrots to the neighbor's ponies since we were "pony sitting" while the neighbors were on a cruise.

We have another neighbor who bought two pregnant buffalo and so now they have four including the babies. Lots of neighbors have horses and they are just beautiful to watch in the pastures. Many of us have golf carts and in good weather we all take evening rides and enjoy the rolling hills and check out houses and barns as they are being built in this 3600 acre edition called Clifty Hills.

Thoughts of Spring

It seems like I already have plenty of things to do but I am fascinated with the concept of blogging. I have been sorting through totes and piles of things in the barn that have accumulated over the years. My goal is to fill up my flea market booth and at the same time empty a corner of the barn so that the greenhouse can be established.

Two years ago we put a metal roof on the main part of the barn and clear polycarbonate sheets on the roof of the bumpout portion of the barn which is my allotted space. I have always wanted a greenhouse and if all goes well, this spring I should see benches and new seedlings in the barn.

Life is good and I am happy to finally see some progress towards one of my goals. Yippee!

My Very Own Stone Henge

My Very Own Stone Henge